Consulting & Coaching

for Nonprofit Leaders

Hi, I'm Ally.

I support nonprofit leaders to show up as authentically as possible, while you work to disrupt inequity and create powerful social change.


As a consultant, I bring experience, insights, and a commitment to social justice to help you explore possibilities and put solutions into action.


As a coach, I hold space for you to tap into your values, remove obstacles, and live out your vision.

I listen for the transformation my clients are seeking, then I champion you to create change in your lives, organizations, and communities. 


Business Meeting


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Ally is an astute listener who hears so much more than just what is said. Her coaching truly opened possibilities that I had trouble accessing on my own. Her perspective was invaluable when I felt lost and couldn't see a path forward. She was refreshingly direct and to the point, and infused humor and color into our sessions. 



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When we have a project that involves high complexity and interaction with many different stakeholders, Ally is our go-to person. She is able to envision a project from beginning to end, to handle sensitive interactions with stakeholders at all levels, and to represent our brand with integrity. Ally has earned respect and trust from program participants, employees, and Board members.



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Ally's coaching was insightful, supportive and empowering. I appreciated that I was driving my own process and felt supported throughout. I felt safe very quickly being open and vulnerable - and that is unusual for me. Ally challenged me to try a new approach or take on a different perspective in a way that felt exciting, even if it was hard too.


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