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Why Consulting?

  • Are you looking for support to bring your vision to reality?

  • Could you use a fresh perspective on a persistent challenge?

  • Has your organization made a commitment to equity and inclusion, but still figuring out how to put it into action?

  • Could you benefit from listening more to your community and those you serve?

As nonprofit leaders, it can be challenging for us to get out of the day-to-day grind enough to experience the present moment, or to plan for the future. The systemic barriers that our organizations are working against — racial and social injustice, wealth inequity, lack of funding, just to name a few — require urgent action. A consultant can partner with you to build (or rebuild) your teams and processes, to be responsive to emerging needs, or to uncover new possibilities as you pursue your mission.

My Approach

All Hands In

I listen for the change and possibility you want to create, and then I help you create it.

I support CEOs to develop long-term strategic plans by gathering input from multiple stakeholders and leveraging their vision to build a mission-aligned plan. I work with department heads and leaders to redesign their team structure or re-imagine how they work, while also taking into account the unique talents and perspectives of everyone on the team. 

I leverage my coaching skills to ask empowering questions and make connections that may get overlooked. I value collaboration and thrive at building relationships. I bring creativity and an open mind to explore possibilities and solutions, then work with you to make a plan that can be put into action.

What People Say

"Ally seems to be able to do just about anything. From leading communications workshops to creating strategic plans to doing detailed data analysis, to managing complex software installations, to motivating volunteers as well as employees, Ally can do it all, and do it with consummate professionalism.


We have worked with Ally for three years, and when we have a project that involves high complexity and interaction with many different stakeholders, Ally is our go-to person. She is able to envision a project from beginning to end, to handle sensitive interactions with stakeholders at all levels, and to represent our brand with integrity. I have the highest confidence in Ally’s ability to execute a project with finesse, and to bring along the other players to do their best.


Ally has earned respect and trust from program participants, employees, and Board members. Without reservation, I recommend Ally for your high level complex project management needs."

- Jane Fischberg, Former President & CEO, Rubicon Programs


"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” 

― James Baldwin

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